Acquiring new clients and staff are the key for your business, and you shouldn’t be wasting time on repetitive operations of sending payslips or updating staff information.

Make the payslips and their personal information available on ProdCast platform and make it available for them to access anytime they want. Let the staff realize that your company is a better place to work and be a proud employer.

Information Oscillation

With ProdCast Payroll module

class="white">- simply upload the payroll excel data

- ProdCast Groups the data by staff

- Staff can access only their data securely

- Staff can update their personal information whenever they require

You can also

- integrate with your internal system using our API

We understand the importance of businesses sharing critical data on time and we are committed in resolving it.

Our solutions have demonstrated our capabilities in bridging information flow gaps in a variety of industries, ranging from multi-faceted logistics businesses to large manufacturing enterprises.