ProdCast is a secured data sharing platform

Clients hate waiting for information

Instead, make it available to your customers, suppliers, and stakeholders at any time with a few clicks and

become a tech-savvy ProdCaster who is always available to the client.


What we do

ProdCast is a secured data collaboration platform

We understand the importance of businesses sharing critical data on time and we are committed in resolving it.

Our solutions have demonstrated our capabilities in bridging information flow gaps in a variety of industries, ranging from multi-faceted logistics businesses to large manufacturing enterprises.

Information Oscillation

It's frustrating not knowing whether or not the delivery has occurred.

With ProdCast, Send any type of information in 3 clicks and be rest assured that it is sent to your prospective users.

Information Gaps

Avoid double-entry of the same information at the sender and receiver ends.

ProdCast uses Smart Integration techniques to automatically filter and export/import the required data at predetermined periods.

Information Starvation

Stop looking for information and get to work on closing your files.

As a one-stop platform for your data-related needs, ProdCast assists you in serving information to your internal teams, vendors, and customers.


More than 3k happy user around the world

Manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and retail have all benefited from ProdCast's services during the last ten years.


Try it 30 days before going to Pro plan

Smart leaders like you deserve the best, so we're giving you a 30-day free trial to explore all of your options and improve your engagement.

Connect. Share. Collaborate

ProdCast is a secured data sharing platform

Choose from a variety of ready-made templates.
Using our sophisticated ProdCast Studio, connect to your database and generate your unique templates.

Create a folder for the template, then download the sample Excel file, fill in the data, then re-upload the file.

enter data, use our Smart Forms, which were generated using our "No Code" engine.

Select the data you like to share, right click and share it to the users.

Use our automated schedulers to automatically choose data based on your defined criteria and send it to users at pre-determined intervals.

Keep track of whether the customer has received and viewed the information you provided.

Customers can quickly acknowledge or comment on the data with a single click of a button.


Available for different web and mobile platforms

The ProdCast platform can be accessed from any computer via a web browser, or by downloading the ProdCast mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store.

Easy to Use

Rerum facilis est expedita

Interest Growth

Rerum facilis est expedita

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Best features for you

ProdCast is a secured data sharing platform

Easy to Use

Easy to use folder system allows users to start using the platform without any training.


Users can group and organize the data they want into folders for easy tracking


Platform is built on an encrypted highly secured azure and AWS cloud. Data stays on your database.

Smart Search

Build complex filter criteria's on your data and use our rule engine to auto create smart folders based on the criteria.

Automated Schedulers

Setup schedules for the folders to send automated alerts and send it to designated users using our mail merge

Track n Trace

Trace the status of data shared and track users notes against every bit of information


Simple and plain pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

ProdCast is a secured data sharing platform

Is your App available at the Play Store and Google Store?

Will be available soon

Where is my data and is itsecured?

Data is available on best in class secured servers provided by Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS on the basic plans. For Business and Pro plans, you can keep your data on your server and use ProdCast Studio to connect and serve the data.

How long is the Free period?

We provide 30 day money back guarantee

The App works on Tablets too?

Yes, the app will work on all mobiles and Tablets using the browser. Download our apps for better performance from Playstore and App Store.

Can you help my business grow?

We have demonstrated the clients business growth and not just they have also been seen as the most technologically advanced business leaders in their area of domain.


What people say about us

ProdCast is a secured data sharing platform

"Saved tons of time and money in sending the dispatch report and proof of delivery for billing"

Natesh Shankar | BSL, MD

"Saved time and money in sending dispatch reports to clients and pay slips to employees"


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ProdCast is a secured data sharing platform


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ProdCast is a secured data sharing platform