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Why automating paroll is critical for your company?

It also makes your team proud?

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Once upon a time...

there was an IT firm that excelled at working with clients. Everyday, The company grew in size, both in terms of employees and clientele.

Until one day,

the company's administrator had been receiving requests from various employees regarding salary slips and communication changes. The administration had to put on a lot of time and effort to collect data from employees and update the internal system leading to late night efforts and frustration.

Life is about making an impact not a living...


The company found ProdCast before it was too late. They put all of the employees' pay stubs and communication records on the ProdCast platform. Employees could now see their pay stubs without having to ask anyone in administration, and they could also update their personal information anytime it changed.

Since then,

it resulted in a sense of relief and a significant time savings in the company's administration, allowing them to concentrate on their main business. It also made the staff realize that this company is a better place to work and it was employers pride.

"Want to know how to make information available to the clients in just 3 simple steps?"

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