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Why Payment collection is important for your business

Payment collection is the oxygen of business

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Once upon a time...

There had been a logistics company that transported products for numerous sectors. Every day, proofs of delivery for products are collected and presented with bills to consumers in order for them to release payment. 

Until one day,

they discovered a large payment receivable owed to them by a few of their clients. They discovered that certain consignments lacked confirmation of delivery and for some the bills were missing. The growing amount of outstanding payments was putting the company under a lot of financial strain, resulting in a reduction in cash flow, which had a negative influence on day-to-day operations.

Life is about making an impact not a living...


they came across ProdCast and uploaded all bills as well as proof of delivery of the consignments to the platform. When a customer needed information, the bills were readily available, shortening the time it took for payments to be released.

Since then,

companies' outstanding payments have decreased dramatically, they have improved their cash flow, and they have been able to achieve more success in their businesses.

"Want to know how to make information available to the clients in just 3 simple steps?"

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