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Why quality control information should be automated?

It cannot be an after thought

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Once upon a time...

an automobile parts manufacturer had a diverse range of vendors supplying them with raw materials. Every day materials were auditedĀ as part of their quality control, business was booming, and daily output was on the rise.

Until one day,

they discovered a severe quality issue with one of the items they shipped one day, and realised they didn't have all of the quality data from the vendors at the time of need . They had to go back and forth with suppliers for weeks to find quality data, that cost them time, money, and penalties. With too many components arriving from a wide number of suppliers, this had become a recurrent issue, causing dissatisfaction.

Life is about making an impact not a living...


they discovered the ProdCast platform and mandated all suppliers to share their quality audit data for all components delivered

Since then,

whenever a quality issue has arisen, they have been able to narrow down and find the problem using data provided by suppliers, allowing them to stop production and save a lot of time, money, and worry.

"Want to know how to make information available to the clients in just 3 simple steps?"

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