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Why sending material dispatch list should be automated?

Major manufacturing and supply chain firms prefer to work with companies that provide online access to their material booking and dispatch information. ProdCast can help you achieve this in three easy steps, establish your company as a preferred and trusted partner for manufacturers.

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Logistics, warehouse and supply chain management has been the backbone of manufacturing. For the last 20+ years, Mr. Shan has been a leader in the supply chain industry. He had been wisely investing on building information technology systems for their business operations right from booking the consignment, moving the materials between factories and warehouses. On the internet era he took the advantage of mailing solutions and had a team of people to send mails to customers about the materials being dispatched. 

The Problem

Everything was good until one day, Mr. Shan realized that customers has not been receiving his emails consistently because of man power issues and other technical issues with emailing. The production unit was not able to plan day to day production without the materials dispatch information. The warehouse team had to spend sleepless nights to manually extract information and send it again. The frustration was rising both from production and warehouse ends.

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The Solution

Finally, Mr Shan discovered ProdCast data sharing platform. He made all the material dispatch information available on the platform for the production unit to access and plan their day to day production without waiting for warehouse team to send the data from their internal systems.

The Sucesss,

Since then, Mr. Shan regained his position as the industry leader in supply chain management and became the most trusted partner to work with.

"Want to know how to make information available to the clients in just 3 simple steps?"


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